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Family volunteering at Imire

The Larsson family from Sweden, volunteered together at Imire in February 2019. Read about the amazing time they had, and why they think Imire is the perfect place for a family holiday in Africa!
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Volunteer testimonials – March 2019

Read testimonials from volunteers who visited Imire in the first part of 2019. For more testimonials you can look for posts on our Facebook page, and also visit the review section –
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Earth Hour 2019 #Connect2Earth: Saturday 30th March

As part of Earth Hour 2019, we asked some of our dedicated staff to explain why nature matters to them, and why they decided to make caring for the environment part of their life.
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Vultures: why you should care

We recently had a visit from the Birdlife Zimbabwe team, who are investigating the possibility of introducing a Vulture Safe Area at Imire. Seven of Africa’s 11 vulture species are on the edge of extinction. The species has a bad press, saddled with cultural perceptions of death, decay and malevolence, so there is often little
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K9 unit update – Murwi’s progress

In fantastic and encouraging news, our anti-poaching dog Murwi, continues to excel, taking part in her first live operation where she successfully tracked and apprehended a poacher. This win for Murwi is a massive and positive achievement and the culmination of many long hours of training and hard work in 2018. She continues to train
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A new women’s maternity ward opens

After much hard work, a new maternity ward and women’s shelter has opened at one of our nearby rural clinics. There was previously nowhere for new mothers to stay once they had delivered their babies, so they would often go to the clinic (depending on transport being available), give birth and walk or get a
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Proud to partner with Padding Africa

One of the most recognised needs at Numwa School, and through the Southern African region in general, is the lack of sanitary wear for girls. Through donations brought by The Zimbabwe Gecko Society, and a partnership with Padding Africa, the sewing group at Numwa School are making reusable sanitary pads, and are now running a
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Imire Community Permaculture Project

Our volunteers have been hard at work helping Chizungu Primary School with their new Permaculture Garden. Judy Travers has long been an avid and firm believer in permaculture and her passion and belief sparked an interest and a passion in Imire volunteer Christina Engelbrektsson.
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22 September 2018 – World Rhino Day

World Rhino Day is an opportunity to celebrate an iconic species and remind everyone worldwide of the importance of safeguarding rhino for generations to come. Protecting and securing rhino is a huge task, one that takes an enormous amount of passion and commitment.
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The Man Behind It All – Reilly Travers

Reilly Travers who runs the conservancy. A man who is 100% devoted and completely passionate about the work he does here at Imire, he is living a genuine legacy. Reilly is in the process of fulfilling his dream and following his grandfather’s footsteps and his goal is to ultimately release black rhino back into the
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VAWZ Vaccination and Sterilization Campaign

On behalf of Imire: Rhino and Wildlife Conservation and the surrounding community members, we would like to extend a huge heartfelt thank-you to VAWZ and their phenomenal team for coming all the way out to Wedza and the surrounding districts to run a Rabies Vaccination and sterilization campaign.
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The Matriarch Of Imire – The Inspiring Judy Travers

The matriarch of Imire – the inspiring Judy Travers Imire. We are blessed beyond words to have this incredible woman at the helm of our conservation and community efforts. Anyone who has met Judy knows that just a few moments in her presence is enough to fill you with compassion, zest and contagious enthusiasm. Judy