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IMIRE PROJECT MURWIRead more +10 July 2017 By Nicolle Ambrose in Conservation, Rhino

Project Murwi

We are honoured and excited to be welcoming young puppy “Murwi” to the Imire team toward the end of the year! This incredibly talented and highly trained dog will assist us in our ongoing protection of our endangered rhino. A project that hits the heart of saving and protecting future Rhino populations across Africa. Extremus
VAWZ VACCINATION CAMPAIGNRead more +29 June 2017 By Zuz Travers in Community, Rhino

VAWZ Sterilization and Vaccination Campaign

Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservation were delighted to work along side Vawz in 2016, introducing for the first time to the Wedza Community the much needed campaign of sterilizing the dogs in the area. Vawz brought down a wonderful team of committed vets, who worked tirelessly for three days, educating and encouraging the rural people
HARARE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL RUN 2Read more +27 June 2017 By Zuz Travers in Conservation, Rhino

Harare International School 24 Hour Run

“What a difference a day can make.” Imire: Rhino and Wildlife Conservation are extremely proud to have taken part in a 24 hour run at Harare International School to raise money for an antipoaching dog to protect wildlife in Zimbabwe. For 24 hours, the whole community gets together to keep a sash moving for an entire
IMIRE GAME CAPTURERead more +26 June 2017 By Zuz Travers in Conservation, Rhino

Game Capture

Imire strives to remain at the forefront of conservation in Zimbabwe. One of the most important roles of small conservancies is as a breeding nucleus for vital wildlife gene pools. Game capture and relocation is an essential part of conservation management and a perfect solution for the animals’ best interests for three reasons.Imire strives to
Beautiful Rhino ImireRead more +20 June 2017 By Zuz Travers in Conservation, Rhino

Baby Rhino Watch

The past few weeks have been extremely exciting ones here at Imire! After having given birth to our newest calf Tafara on December 12th 2016 outside of our fence line Kamuchacha has now moved safely into Chiwawe at the corner most section of the conservancy. Kamuchacha is doing an amazing job of protecting her new