On 15th September Imire Game Park Manager, Reilly Travers and his Volunteer Programme colleague Jane Bentley excitedly departed Harare for the beautiful city of Gothenburg in the south of Sweden. We had been given the honour of attending a fundraising gala dinner hosted by Swedish charity, The Perfect World Foundation.

Founders of the Foundation, Lars and Rags Jacobsson met Reilly and Jane at Imire in 2013 when they were on a tour of volunteer programmes in Africa. They fell in love with Imire, Tatenda the rhino and, as everyone does, with Reilly and the Imire story and decided to help support the rhino by holding a fundraiser in Sweden. Nobody in Sweden had ever previously held a charity gala dinner on this scale for a wildlife organisation, so it was with great excitement that Reilly and Jane joined delegates from Wildlife Direct and elephant charity, The Elephant Family, at the beautiful Clarion Post Hotel in Gothenburg.

Rags and Lars and their small team had done wonders in promoting the event in Gothenburg. Life-size fibre glass rhinos had been on display at key areas in the city for some weeks. We were given the chance to help move them back to the Hotel for the gala evening and Reilly soon found himself right at home working closely with the rhino.

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