John Travers

“My father, Norman Travers, had a dream in the 1960’s of creating a wildlife sanctuary. Against all odds Imire is what it is today due to his vision and drive. Now I watch my children take on this same passion with total commitment. As a father, and a son, I stand back proud knowing my father’s dreams are being fulfilled as we take Imire to another level – a level of which I am very proud.”

Judy Travers

I am so privileged to live my life amongst creatures great and small and to be given the gift of passion and purpose of sharing this Eden of Imire with Conservationists and the surrounding Community of Hwedza.

I see Norman and Gilly Travers’s life long commitment for Wildlife Conservation run through the veins of their grandchildren, its now up to them to protect the heritage of Zimbabwe.

To have this purpose in life is a mighty gift, every given emotion is used daily, every day is a challenge, every day we are rewarded with natures unique joys and curiosities if we look carefully and stand still long enough – life is certainly not beige in the bush!