Volunteer at Imire

Our Hands-on Rhino and Elephant Conservation Programme is a unique opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at day-to-day life at Imire and be involved with the conservation of Zimbabwe’s endangered black rhino.

This programme is focused on the protection and care of our five black and two white rhino and our four elephants. Undertake hands-on work with these amazing animals and gain experience in game park management, anti-poaching and wildlife monitoring. Volunteers also get involved with community development and education projects, teaching local communities and children about the importance of preserving wildlife and the environment.

Imire also runs a Horse Riding and Wildlife Conservation Programme where, in addition to working with our rhinos and elephants, volunteers experience the African bush on horseback. Work alongside our dedicated staff as you get involved with cattle ranching, game counts and anti-poaching patrols, all on the back of your very own bush horse.