‘We have no choice but to commit ourselves to the plight of all wildlife’.

Imire would be unable to celebrate the survival and well-being of our rhino without recognizing the important role played by donors and friends who have provided us with the much needed support in our wildlife conservation and community development efforts in the past few years.

We firmly believe the key to the survival of wilderness areas in Africa is community involvement and ecotourism.

This year, Imire will once again celebrate World Rhino Day together with the Hwedza community. These people are crucially assisting with the responsibility of the security of the wildlife in this part of the world, in particular the endangered rhino. In doing so, they are able to enjoy the benefits of Imire’s breeding and conservation project, including a needed thank you in the form of annual World Rhino Day celebrations.

Last year we entertained and fed a crowd of well over 2000 people. Conservation plays, song, poetry and art exhibited by the children all go a long way to display the level of understanding of the importance of wildlife in our country.

League soccer, netball and touch rugby championship finals draw the crowds and are always an exciting “grand finale” to the day. World Rhino Day has become an important highlight of the year for everyone, and this year we hope to draw an even bigger crowd. It is our opportunity to thank our community for their support and to celebrate that all here in Hwedza are guardians to a population of 7 black and white rhino.

This year the funding will be going towards soccer/netball kit and balls for the 28 rural soccer /netball league teams as well as the entertainment for World Rhino Day.

We humbly ask the public once again to support this vital day in any way you are able. We are aware of the tough times everyone is going through. Any small donation would be so appreciated.

Warm Regards,

Reilly Travers

+263 775 188 345


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