Game Capture - Imire

Imire strives to remain at the forefront of conservation in Zimbabwe. One of the most important roles of small conservancies is as a breeding nucleus for vital wildlife gene pools. Game capture and relocation is an essential part of conservation management and a perfect solution for the animals' best interests for 3 reasons, and these are as follows - repopulation of wilderness areas where the species have been decimated through uncontrolled poaching, strengthening and mixing the current gene pools between conservancy and wild populations and prevention of inbreeding in conservancy populations and velt management reducing possibilities of over grazing during the harsher dry seasons.

Imire is proud to have taken part in a ground-breaking capture involving sending healthy and viable population of more than 250 individual animals, including, Impala, Blesbok, wildebeest and warthog, from Zimbabwe to repopulate newly protected conservation areas all the way in DRC! The captures were carried out in two ways, with nets and with a make shift funnel leading directly into the truck. The net captures were undoubtedly voted the most adrenaline producing and exciting for our volunteers, definitely a once in a lifetime experience for us all.

Game capture was exciting, overwhelming, emotionally and physically testing for us all. An unbelievable experience for the team and volunteers at Imire. All involved will undoubtedly remember this unique time for many years to come, forever grateful to have been involved!