Rhino & Elephant Conservation Volunteering

Play your part in preserving Africa's iconic wildlife

  • Wedza, Zimbabwe
  • Every Monday
  • $900 per week: save 30% on arrivals in May and June 2022 - BOOK NOW!

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Conservation volunteering: what you'll be doing

Tracking Wildlife - Cheetahs and Rhino

Track and observe big game
including rhinos and cheetah

Girl sitting in front of two elephants in Zimbabwe

Monitor and observe
elephant behaviour

Assist in anti-poaching efforts

Learn from our
Anti-Poaching Unit

Help with community efforts

Work alongside local
community groups

Volunteer Impacts

  • Wildlife monitoring, game counts and data collection are vital for conservation and management planning
  • Essential conservancy work such as repairs, fencing and tree planting keeps the reserve sustainable for wildlife
  • Volunteers contribute towards community empowerment, motivation and education
  • This is real conservation, where your days are filled with interesting and purposeful work that is genuinely needed and useful
Volunteer walking with elephants in Zimbabwe

About Imire

Imire is a 10,000 acre family-owned conservancy in eastern Zimbabwe. Since our first black rhinos arrived in 1987, we have been dedicated to their protection, breeding and release. Today Imire is home to four white and eight black rhinos, including one calf born in June 2021. In February 2021 we began a new chapter in our history, when we welcomed the arrival of a pair of male cheetah, born in Canada.

Our volunteer programme takes a unique approach to the conservation of rhinos, elephants and cheetah and the preservation of the environment in which they live.

In addition to working with our wildlife, volunteers work closely with our local communities, participating in community-led projects which benefit children and adults in the whole area.

You will play a vital role in safeguarding the future of Zimbabwe's endangered species.

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Happy Travellers

What our volunteers have to say!

Volunteer Elly - August 2021

Elly, Netherlands, August 2021

"Fantastic? Unforgettable? Unique? YES. All of that. But these words don’t carry enough weight because it was so much more than that. Magic, I guess that's the best one.”

Volunteer Jessy - July 2021

Jessy, Netherlands, July 2021

“From day one, Imire felt like a second home to me. Living in the middle of nature and the interaction with the animals and people, makes the experience an unforgettable one.”

Volunteer Madhavi - September 2021

Madhavi, USA, September 2021

“Coming to Imire marked my first time in Africa and within a day I knew I had come to the right place. The central mission of Imire is conservation, but I also learnt so much about the animals and people.”

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