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Experience the Magic of Imire

Only 90 minutes from Harare, Imire has something to offer everyone. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a day or two relishing world-class food and hospitality at Imire Lodge, or spend a bit longer volunteering in Africa, hands-on with our elephants and rhino. Either experience guarantees you a wonderful time all while contributing to an important conservation cause.

What We Believe In

Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservancy is dedicated to protecting wildlife and strongly believe that rural communities and conservation programmes can successfully thrive side by side, working together to ensure the protection of our natural heritage.
Our vision at Imire is to enhance the relationships between tourism, conservation programmes and community areas through long-term, sustainable environmental management and positive community projects.

Behind the Scenes

Catch up with our blog for all the latest news. From our ongoing community initiatives, to our conservation efforts and what you can do to help. Find out more about what it takes to run a wildlife conservancy in Africa...

We believe that conservation efforts can be strengthened by empowering the local community through livelihood opportunities and sustainable development.

Check out our blog for all the latest news and events at Imire.

Imire strives to remain at the forefront of conservation in Zimbabwe, taking part in ground-breaking breeding programmes, wildlife research, innovative game capture and movement and highly advanced anti-poaching solutions.

We rely on support and donations from communities, businesses and generous private individuals around the world to help fund the security and well-being of our wildlife and local community.


If you want to see rhinos, elephants, giraffes, zebras walking 10-15 meters from you, eat delicious meals prepared by master class chefs and sleep in astounding surrounding, don't look for other location. THIS IS THE PLACE !!! I'm in love with this place from the very first minutes.


The most amazing place on the planet! The staff are so dedicated. The animals are just the most beautiful creatures! The surroundings are just to die for and Castle kopji is just the most awesome rock sculpture and petrifying to climb!


Our trip to Imire was wonderful. It is a remote oasis for the mind and soul. Everything was immaculate from the physical plant to the wonderful guides (Endmore and Anyway you are THE BEST). The animals are well cared for and happy. The food was out of this world delicious.