Help save the rhino in Zimbabwe

Please Support Us

Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservation are world-renowned for our successful black rhino breeding and release programme and our close relationship with the local community. The costs and logistics behind maintaining a well-run conservancy are high and ever-increasing.

We rely on support and donations from communities, businesses and generous private individuals around the world to help fund the security and well-being of our wildlife and local community.

Without the generosity of our past and present supporters, Imire would not be what it is today. Without future support, we will struggle to improve and develop. 

If you can donate and would like further information on what we're currently doing, please get in touch through the website or email us directly!

Many of our previous volunteers are involved in fundraising for our community and if you would like to donate to one of these campaigns, please do follow the links below.

Imire conservancy

Chizungu Primary School project

Numwa Secondary School - girls recreational centre

We wholeheartedly support these fundraisers and are so grateful for the support of well-wishers from around the world. Their impact is felt long after they have returned home. Thank you.

Wish List

We are often asked if there is anything we need in particular, so we have put together a wishlist for those who are thinking of supporting:


  • Camera traps - for wildlife monitoring and surveillance.
  • Rechargeable AA batteries for camera traps.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablets - for recording research data out in the field.
  • AA, AAA and 9 Volt Batteries - for rhino tracking telemetry sets. NOT RECHARGEABLE ONES.
  • Binoculars - for use by rangers on patrol and volunteers out in the field.
  • Solar-powered battery packs/power banks for rangers in the field.

Examples of the above can be found in our Amazon wishlist:


  • Pens, pencils, coloured pens, highlighters, marker pens and other writing materials
  • Erasers, pencil sharpeners
  • Poster paints and paint brushes (all different sizes)
  • Educational puzzles and games.
  • Paper clips, staples, staplers, scissors
  • Scientific Calculators.
  • Mathematical Sets (rulers, protractors, set squares, compasses (for drawing not navigating!).
  • Shelving and shelving units (see Amazon wishlist for details)
  • Coat racks (see Amazon wishlist for details)
  • Sports Equipment (soccer balls, netballs, tennis racquets, hockey sticks).
  • Chess sets (examples in our Amazon wishlist:
  • Darts and dart boards (examples in our Amazon wishlist:

For the above, good quality second-hand items are ideal.


  • White school socks (all ages 6-18 years old).
  • Grey school socks (boys/teens ages 6-18 years old).
  • Underwear (boys and girls, all sizes).
  • Warm hats / gloves / scarves (black or maroon in colour).
  • Clothing for children or adults - all genders, sizes and age!


  • Sewing equipment (please enquire for specifics as much of it is for school uniforms so it needs to be certain colours) such as scissors, zips, cotton, needles, pins, safety pins, buttons.
  • Sanitary towels for the older girls.
  • Items such as seeds are better off bought here, so if you would like to donate to the gardens then it is much more useful for the gardeners to have the money to spend on the vegetable seeds and seedlings which grow well in the area and in the season.
  • Metal childrens water/drinks bottles (250ml/ 500ml/ 750ml).
  • Face cloths/small towels.


  • Maternity pads for new mothers.
  • Cotton/cloth (reusable) diapers and safety pins for newborn babies.
  • Baby clothing (anything at all - second hand very welcome!).
  • Baby blankets.


We have built a learning centre and library for the Imire staff and their families and we now need to equip it inside:

  • Old IT equipment such as keyboards, mouse and mouse pads, printers, printer cartridges (ask for details) and other computer consumables
  • Old books - for adults and children of all ages, both fiction and non-fiction.
  • Old magazines such as Time or National Geographic
  • Environmental and animal posters
  • Donations for textbooks, a permanent librarian salary and new computers