New baby black rhino welcome at Imire!

Meet Foggin!

In February we were utterly thrilled to welcome Foggin, our newest and most precious black rhino! Our rangers discovered him in thick bush when he was a few days old, and we have left him and Kamchacha alone since then to give them vital mother and calf bonding time. We were delighted that in the last few days Kamchacha has been ready to present him to us!

Foggin is the 25th rhino to be born at Imire and arrived just just 20 months after Chaka - Kamchacha is proving herself to be a true superwoman! Mother and baby are doing well, and during our lucky observations of the new arrival, he is a healthy and inquisitive baby.

Image credits: Maddie Turner

Why Foggin?

Dr Chris Foggin, one of Zimbabwe’s most experienced veterinarians, has been a critical part of Imire’s rhino conservation success for the last 35 years. Chris was good friends with Imire founders, Norman and Gilly Travers, and when our first orphaned rhinos arrived in 1987, he played a huge role in advising and guiding Norman on rearing the calves, understanding their needs and behaviours and helping ensure the rhinos thrived. His knowledge and passion for rhinos is unparalleled. 

Chris is a true foundation stone of the Imire family and we are proud to name our latest rhino in honour of his tireless work, not only for Imire, but for the rhinos of all Zimbabwe.

"There is no greater moment of creation than when life is born"

Thank you!

We would like to thank our wonderful supporters, donors and visitors, who all play such a huge role in ensuring our conservation efforts can continue, and ensure that we are all rewarded with such incredible moments.

Our volunteers have been lucky enough to have a few sitings of Kamchacha and Foggin in the last few weeks, so stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook pages for updates!

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