World Rhino Day 2018

World Rhino Day is an opportunity to celebrate an iconic species and remind everyone worldwide of the importance of safeguarding rhino for generations to come. Protecting and securing rhino is a huge task, one that takes an enormous amount of passion and commitment. This year we celebrate all those at Imire who have dedicated their lives to the cause, their devotion and the sacrifices they make every day.

Conservation at Imire

Here at Imire we strongly believe in a holistic approach to conservation. Every person working and living on our conservancy contributes in some way to keeping these magnificent animals alive. From anti-poaching rangers on the ground every day and night, to guides accompanying guests on incredible safaris and instilling in them love of the African bush, to teachers educating children on the importance of conservation and so many more. We salute you and thank you all.

Thank you Marlina and Zander for highlighting the often unsung heroes of the conservation world and creating this beautiful reminder of why we work so hard every day.