The past few weeks have been extremely exciting ones here at Imire! After having given birth to our newest calf Tafara on December 12th 2016 outside of our fence line Kamuchacha has now moved safely into Chiwawe at the corner most section of the conservancy. Kamuchacha is doing an amazing job of protecting her new calf, such a good job in fact – that even we are struggling to get a glimpse of her!

We are learning more and more every day about rhino behaviour, not just in general but about our individual rhino’s personalities. Shanu was happy to “share” Tafika (if at a distance!) but Kamuchacha feels safest when she and baby are tucked up into the thickest, densest bush she can find for most of the day. Reilly Travers and his team have been keeping a very close eye on the elusive pair – and have concluded that Kamuchacha has reverted to nocturnal behaviour only venturing out at night to browse.

We are thrilled to watch Kamuchacha settling into motherhood. New calves are a reminder of all we work so hard to achieve and protect here at Imire. Watch this space for more news and photos!