Imire family volunteers talk about their volunteering experience

The Larsson family, from Sweden, joined our volunteer programme in February 2019, and were looking for a family holiday to Africa with a difference - where they could all join in activities together, and learn more about the wildlife and culture.

Mum and dad, Magnus and Elin, had this to say:

"We spent two weeks at Imire with our family. It was a really great experience for adults, as well as our two teenage daughters. The staff, local people and other volunteers were friendly and always positive. We learned a lot about wildlife and the challenges of conservation, and had really good time doing it.

Everyone has been really friendly and shown great hospitality, a huge portion of professionalism, and high level of competence and knowledge. It is like everyone is going the extra mile to make everyone have the best experience. We enjoyed the most, elephant handling and walking with the elephants,  but the mix of activities, hard work, meeting with the community, team work activities is great.

Our most positive experience was the overall experience of the environment, people, animals, interactions, work and atmosphere.

It is absolutely amazing to experience the conservation work that is being done at Imire, and the overall experience of environment, people, animals and atmosphere make it all unique. Not only do they protect the animals, they interact with the whole community around them. Also to see all the efforts going in to building trust between the animals and handlers - this is a true long-term commitment.

I wish everyone could have the opportunity to visit this place. Thank you so much to Sam and Vera for making this stay to be such a joy!

We highly recommend other families to do this programme! It is most definitely a unique and inspiring place."


And the two girls, Majken and Stella, also loved their holiday:


"I love this place, you do not only learn about the animals here, but also about the community and culture. Interacting with the elephants and rhino were my favourite experiences - I loved that.

Everyone was so welcoming. The handlers were very nice to talk to and at the same time, so amazing to the animals. I feel like I got the best from your staff! I loved everything we did, including the elephant handling and rhino feeding - everything was fun."


"When my dad first booked the trip I was a little skeptical, but as soon as we arrived I fell in love with the place! All the people are sooo nice, the food and the house is great, everyone takes good care of the animals and are passionate about their jobs. The activities are fun, the company is awesome and there is a great variety of food, jobs, weather, and super cuddly dogs!

I loved everything! Team building (I would have liked more of this!), taking care of the animals, experiencing Shona cultures and interacting with the children at school."

To volunteer at Imire with your family, please get in touch!