Numwa School Computer Donation

Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservation would like to express our gratitude to Steve Potter from Apple Crumble Macintosh Service and Support who so kindly donated an Apple Computer to our local Numwa School. This extremely generous donation was facilitated by one of our ex-volunteers, Rose Dunne. A very special women who volunteered at Imire last year and who has placed her care and concern for our Imire community at the forefront of her mind, we cannot thank Rose enough for her ongoing kindness and generosity.

This donation has changed the lives of many individuals at the local school, and it is thoughtful people like this who make such a positive massive impact in the lives of our community members.

Would you like to volunteer or be a part of this cause? If so, please contact us on [email protected] for further information.

Or please feel free to support the cause.