VAWZ Rabies Vaccination and Spaying/Neutering Campaign - August 2018

On behalf of Imire: Rhino and Wildlife Conservation and the surrounding community members, we would like to extend a huge heartfelt thank-you to VAWZ (Veterinarians For Animal Welfare Zimbabwe) and their phenomenal team for coming all the way out to Wedza and the surrounding districts to run a Rabies Vaccination and sterilization campaign. With the assistance of various vets, nurses, donors and volunteers, VAWZ were able to vaccinate 1086 dogs and sterilize 68 (this figure has drastically risen since 2017 – where 360 vaccinations and 33 sterilizations were carried out).

This campaign is completely life changing for each and every animal and person involved. Rabies is a real epidemic in certain parts of Zimbabwe, and with the help of VAWZ, we are able to ensure that our community members and animals are protected against this fatal virus and against unnecessary breeding.

This work solely relies on the support of the general public. Much of the VAWZ fundraising is carried out by the VAWZ fundraising Committee through holding functions and soliciting both local and international donations. Your donation would make a huge difference.

Please visit the VAWZ website to find out how you can help this cause!