Conservation Volunteer Reviews

Nothing tells you about a programme as well as hearing it straight from the horses mouth! Have a read of our latest volunteer testimonials.

"Mai Matsika is a truly amazing woman, who it has been such an honour to meet. The work she does with the woman’s support group is very special and it was so nice to get the opportunity to help them with the cutting of fabric etc. Also, her inviting us for tea was just another example of what an amazing, selfless woman she is - baking cakes and biscuits for our group and inviting us into her home."

Sam, UK, October 2019

Baby rhino at Imire

"Imire was an amazing balance of African safari and a volunteer experience. Both hands on, with some of the animals (rhinos and elephants), and truly wild African animals. The staff were focused on making the volunteer experience amazing. And the work, while physical, was not excessive, and we had a great sense of accomplishment, contributing in a positive way with the animal’s welfare. The accommodation were excellent and the food good. A+++." 💖

Evelyn, USA, October 2019

Debbie feeding rhino

"It has been my dream to come to Africa, and the experience at Imire was fantastic. I learned so much about the animals, culture and children. The work felt great, knowing we were helping. I was able to get out of my comfort zone and face a few fears (heights). The knowledge of Vera, Sam and Bright has been so helpful, and made the experience amazing.

I feel this is a very rounded program and was pleasantly surprised with how busy we were from morning to dinner."

Debbie, Canada, October 2019

“The early morning rides where we got to herd cattle were fantastic. Imire is a beautiful place and you get to experience something new every day. My experience with the equine programme was absolutely amazing and incredibly special.

Getting to ride around the conservancy on horseback is one of the greatest things I have ever done.”

Martine, Denmark, Equine volunteer, October 2019

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